Voices From the Earth, Inc. is a theater arts organization based in Thomas, WV that has been serving the community since 1991.

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News and Upcoming Events

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2018 Quilt Drawing - VFTE Chautauqua WWI
African Americans in WWI: The Journey of Freedom in America
Coralie Franklin Cook and Edith Wharton
Portrayed by Ilene Evans and Karen Vuranch
Drawing for Quilt Raffle
March 10, 2018 - Tickets now available at Thomas office!

Snowy Night at Peace
Blue and Gold Star Mothers placed banners in their windows to represent brothers, sons, and daughters serving during WWI. The many stars in this quilt represent the countless souls who sacrificed and served; the red windows, the warmth of the hearth at home; snow falling in a starry night while family and friends prayed for victory and peace with the hope of justice and equality at upon their safe return.

This commemorative quilt was created and donated by African American quilter Dolores Johnson - 2016. Cotton; Machine Quilted by Linda Terry - 60”X 82”

December 1917, our boys went to war - The Great War: the war to end all wars. They were called the Colored Soldier Boys of Uncle Sam...America's segregated army created two divisions from the Black National Guard units in Chicago and New York. There were doctors and dentists sent to Camp Des Moines in Iowa, faculty and staff from Howard University to be trained as officers, and the signal corps. In the end, African American regiments were deployed to France, fighting for the innocent in Europe. Under French Command, the Red Hand Division gave the black soldiers a chance to prove their valor, their courage, and their steadfast commitment to allies in need. The Harlem Hellfighters (369th) and the Black Partridges (370th) returned with the highest medals of honor that France had to give.


Stories to Mend the Night - Songs to Mend the Soul
Hosted by Carolyn Raffensperger Featuring Storyteller, Ilene Evans
October 3, 2017 7pm

Stories to Mend the Night - Songs to Mend the Soul is a storytelling program to lift the spirits and focus the fires of resilience and renewal. Ilene sings the songs of resistance to shore up the soul and kindle the come-uppance spirit. She will tell us the stories we need to hear as the news of the day dull, enrages and sends the spirit whirling. It is the heart that must stay strong. It is the heart which must be sustained when all else is lost, or in danger. The heart carries us forward in the darkest night and the longest struggle. The gates of hell cannot prevail against a heart filled with love.

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In the Voice of Our Ancestors
First Person Historical Narrative Retreat/Workshop
Hosted by Ilene Evans
April 26-29, 2018

In the Voice of Our Ancestors is an intensive working weekend focused on building your skills and confidence in performance of your first person narrative character portrayal.

The Retreat / Workshop will include:
• Warm-ups – creative exercises for your body and voice
• Journaling – private time and reflecting the internal dialogue with your character
• Song, sound and music – learning and sharing from the old and new
• Writing - scripting and monologue structure
• Building the drama – turning point, crossroads in telling your story
• Research – introduction and discussion on the process and options available
• Physical characterizations - improvisations and physical aspects of your character
• Connecting with the Natural Rhythms – private and guided time
• One on one time to address your and your character’s specific needs
• Group activities to celebrate and share our creativity.

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   Upcoming Events
   Please see our Calendar for a full listing of events.

  • October 3, 8pm - Stories to Mend the Night - Songs to Mend the Soul - Conference Call Concert Fund Raiser

  • October 6, 2pm - Scholars Panel: Coralie Franklin Cook: Education and Civil Rights

  • October 7, 7pm - Coralie Franklin Cook: Lifting As We Climb - Storer College, Harper’s Ferry, WV

  • October 11-12 - Storytelling - Jackson’s Mill Storytelling Festival - Jane Lew, WV

  • October 21, 7:30pm - Harriet Tubman - History Alive - Elkins-Randolph County Public Library

  • November 7-12 - Storytelling sessions and workshops with Ilene and Lyn Ford - Affrilachian Ghost Tales - National Association of Black Storytellers Wichita, KS