History Alive

Please note: These are Theatrical Performances and the preferred venue is in a Theatre with backstage areas, minimum stage size, appropriate setup times and sound and lighting options - there is a measure of flexibility. For full details and requirements please contact our office at (304)288-6255 or info@vfte.org

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Image descriptionGeneral Moses: Stories from the life of Harriet Tubman

Act I of General Moses: Harriet Tubman leads a group of escaping slaves to freedom while telling them the story of her own escape. Harriet nurtures the spirit and feeds the sould as she recounts her endless cycle to free her people. Audience members can portray the slaves and abolitionists interacting with Harriet as she protects, leads, and comforts them. Singing and praying their way around slave catchers, dogs and other dangers.

Act II of General Moses is set during the Civil War in Beaufort, South Carolina. Part of an experiment, the U.S. Government developed a project to educate slaves and to make land available for their private ownership. Harriet became a liaison between the government and the freedmen of Beaufort, helping to build a link of trust and understanding. Harriet worked to establish hospitals, set up laundries, bakeries, and prepared herbal medicines. Harriet was also recruited to spy for the union, ultimately leading one of the most successful raids to free over 800 slaves.

Length of Program: 90 minutes with 15 minute intermission

Age: All Ages

Cost: Please e-mail info@vfte.org for pricing details

Image descriptionThey call me Miss Memphis

An evening with Mrs. Memphis Tennessee Garrison, Human Rights Activist, Civil Rights Leader, Social Worker, Teacher, Mrs. Garrison welcomes some of her old students to her home to reminisce and dream about freedom, opportunity and equality.

Length of Program: 45 minutes

Age: All Ages

Cost: Please e-mail info@vfte.org for pricing details